How to Sell More Books; Part 1
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I suppose my friends — close and distant — are getting a little tired of seeing me pitch my book , here, there, and everywhere in the social media universe.  I know I’m getting very tired of doing it.  “Here comes sad Hal again, trying to sell his little book, pandering like the homeless guy down at the overpass…”

But if I don’t pitch it, who will??

Turns out: you can play some small part in promoting my novel: assuming you think it’s worthy.  I recently learned how important these things called algorithms are in selling — well, everything.  (I know, I’m part dinosaur!!!)  But especially books, since book lovers are always looking for something like the books they already love.  And they trust the recommendations of their trusted friends.  So I’m asking a few hundred of my dearest friends to pile up the reviews on, and see if a dent can be made.  And I started sending out this plea, as Black Friday approaches:

Hello! I’m reaching out to you today, just before the period in which up to a third (33%) of all sales will happen in America during 2017!! I’ve had awesome reviews and many very kind and generous remarks from readers of The Hemingway Files, but I would like to reach an even larger audience. You can help… How, you ask???

I’m learning all about the new age of selling books. among other things: Selling books on Amazon is all about optimizing for the Amazon algorithm. Sound complicated? Well, you can help that too, actually: and it will only take about 2 minutes!!

If you liked the book, and would like to help grow its audience, please consider writing a brief review. It need not be a long one but the longer the better. But even just clicking on the 5-star button with a word or 2, is helpful, because apparently the bookseller’s algorithm for recommending the book to buyers kicks in incrementally once reviews top 25, 50, and so on. I have about 18, last I checked; and as long as the average stars is 4 or higher, it is very helpful (so if you want to give it one star, do me a favor and just remain silent!!!)

Check the reviews out, and consider adding one, at the book’s site on I’m really hoping to double or triple the number of reviews. One other thing is, if you’d like to purchase the book as a gift for someone you know (like a book club organizer??) — the reviews register that the review is from a confirmed purchase — which is also helpful!!